TV/Film/Comics Reviews & Interviews

Cass has spent years building a critical & thoughtful voice within the entertainment industry, covering a wide range of television, film, and comic projects. They’ll likely tell you about that one time they interviewed Elvira and their soul left their body. Here’s a list of their journalism work.

Multiversity Comics, Contributing Writer | 2014-2016

Rotten Tomatoes | TV/Movie Reviews from 2021-present

Wicked Horror, “The Advent Calendar Creator Patrick Ridremont Unwraps Shudder’s Chilling Holiday Horror Film [Interview]” | 2021

Comic Book Resources, Reviews & Interview Lead Editor | 2020-2022, aka that time where they interviewed genre icons like Mark Hamill, Keith David, Barbara Crampton, & many more.

Daily Dead, “How RELIC Harrowingly Depicts Dementia…” | 2022

/Film | Feature Writer 2022-present | Feature Writer 2022-present


Cass is the co-host, producer, & programmer for Horror Hangover, a monthly independent podcast that delves into horror’s iconic & infamous tropes to find something to love about the genre again with co-host/author Ryan Bradley. All episodes are available to stream on Spotify & Apple Podcasts & all press inquiries related to the production can be sent to

Cass also is open for booking on podcasts and has been delighted to chat with fellow horror fans on Beyond the Cabin in the Woods, the Horror Hour, & more soon!