TV/Film/Comics Reviews & Interviews

Cass has spent years building a critical & thoughtful voice within the entertainment industry, covering a wide range of television, film, and comic projects. They’ll likely tell you about that first time they interviewed Elvira and their soul left their body. They’re a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic & proud member of GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics.

Here’s a list of their journalism work:

Multiversity Comics | Contributing Writer | 2014-2016

Rotten Tomatoes | TV/Movie Reviews | 2021-present

Wicked Horror | The Advent Calendar Creator Patrick Ridremont Unwraps Shudder’s Chilling Holiday Horror Film | 2021

CBR | Reviews & Interview Lead Editor | 2020-2022, aka that time when they interviewed genre icons like Mark Hamill, Keith David, Barbara Crampton, & many more.

Daily Dead | Interview: GALAXY: THE PRETTIEST STAR Creators Illuminate DC Comics’ Newest Trans Hero | 2022

Daily Dead | Interview: Indigenous Director Jason Brennan Reclaims the Wendigo in L’INHUMAIN | 2022

Daily Dead | Interview: Kier-La Janisse Delves into HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN’s Expanded Edition | 2022

Daily Dead | Review: THE MENU is a Delicious Dissection of the Role of the Critic | 2022

Daily Dead | Boston Underground Film Festival Review: THE UNHEARD Ambitiously Grasps for Meaning in the Static | 2023

Dread Central | How Scream 6 Could Hold Hank Loomis Accountable | 2022



Rue Morgue | THE BOULET BROTHERS ON THE FABULOUS FILTH OF “DRAGULA: TITANS” | 2022 | Pride Month Spotlight: Loki | 2022 | Pride Month Spotlight: Valkyrie | 2022 | Titania, a Rival Fit for She-Hulk | 2022 | The Many Loves of She-Hulk | 2022 | Meet Nico Minoru, Former Runaway Turned Midnight Sun | 2022

Grim | How Curse of Aurore Resurrects Aurore Gagnon: A Conversation with Llana Barron | 2022

Den of Geek | BoJack Horseman: Why Mr. Peanutbutter Isn’t as Clueless as He Acts | 2022

Den of Geek| Living With Chucky Director Welcomes Fans Into Chucky’s Bloody Family | 2022

Den of Geek | Casper Kelly Discusses the Horrors of the Adult Swim Yule Log | 2022

Den of Geek | Will There Be an Alice in Borderland Season 3? | 2023

Fangoria | Finding Hope In ALICE IN BORDERLAND | 2023

Fangoria | WINNIE THE POOH: BLOOD & HONEY Director Is Happy To Ruin Your Childhood | 2023

/Film | Feature Writer | 2022-present

Short Stories & Personal Essays


Cass loves to weave weird & darkly funny stories about finding one’s self in surprising situations. Below is a list of some of their short stories filled with broken hearts & supernatural entities.

Come Home Sweetheart | Published at Molotov Cocktail, 2015

Wise Woman of To-shima | Published at Gone Lawn, 2015

Where’s Jenny B. Gone? | Catapult, 2019

Last Call | Heavy Feather Review, 2020

Creative Non-Fiction

Cass loves to delve into their experiences with lyrical personal essays, breaking free from the constraints that both fiction and nonfiction have. Below is a list of some of their previously published essays that are dear to their heart.

The Other Cassandra | Electric Literature, 2015

Gnats | Published at Pithead Chapel, 2018

Daily Dead | “How RELIC Harrowingly Depicts Dementia” | 2022

Den of Geek | What The Midnight Club Gets Right About Hospice Care | 2022

Horror Hangover Podcast & Friends of the Pod!

Cass is the co-host, producer, & programmer for Horror Hangover, a monthly independent podcast that delves into horror’s iconic & infamous tropes to find something to love about the genre again with co-host/author Ryan C. Bradley. All episodes are available to stream on Spotify & Apple Podcasts & all press inquiries related to the production can be sent to

Cass also is open to appearing on podcasts and has been delighted to chat with fellow horror/movie fans on Beyond the Cabin in the Woods, the Horror Hour, Queer Quadrant, My Horror Confessional, Would You Die?, Ladies & Ligaments, & more soon!