TV/Film/Comics Reviews & Interviews

Cass has spent years building a critical & thoughtful voice within the entertainment industry, covering a wide range of television, film, and comic projects. They’ll likely tell you about that one time they interviewed Elvira and their soul left their body. Here’s a list of their journalism work.

Multiversity Comics | Contributing Writer | 2014-2016

Rotten Tomatoes | TV/Movie Reviews from 2021-present

Wicked Horror | “The Advent Calendar Creator Patrick Ridremont Unwraps Shudder’s Chilling Holiday Horror Film [Interview]” | 2021

CBR Reviews & Interview Lead Editor | 2020-2022, aka that time where they interviewed genre icons like Mark Hamill, Keith David, Barbara Crampton, & many more.

Daily Dead | “How RELIC Harrowingly Depicts Dementia” | 2022

Daily Dead | “Interview: GALAXY: THE PRETTIEST STAR Creators Illuminate DC Comics’ Newest Trans Hero” | 2022

Dread Central | “How Scream 6 Could Hold Hank Loomis Accountable” | 2022

/Film | Feature Writer | 2022-present

Rue Morgue | Interviewer | 2022-present | Feature Writer | 2022-present