Short Stories & Personal Essays


Cass loves to weave weird & darkly funny stories about finding one’s self in surprising situations. Below is a list of some of their short stories filled with broken hearts & supernatural entities.

Come Home Sweetheart | Published at Molotov Cocktail, 2015

Wise Woman of To-shima | Published at Gone Lawn, 2015

Where’s Jenny B. Gone? | Catapult, 2019

Last Call | Heavy Feather Review, 2020

Creative Non-Fiction

Cass loves to delve into their experiences with lyrical personal essays, breaking free from the constraints that both fiction and nonfiction have. Below is a list of some of their previously published essays that are dear to their heart.

The Other Cassandra | Electric Literature, 2015

Gnats | Published at Pithead Chapel, 2018

Daily Dead | “How RELIC Harrowingly Depicts Dementia” | 2022

Den of Geek | What The Midnight Club Gets Right About Hospice Care | 2022